IndieSocial doesn't require any foreign scripts. Don't let social services track data of your clients.


IndieSocial is near 1 KB minified and gzipped. And doesn't require any other scripts (except Fontello if you want to use icons).

Browser support

IndieSocial works everywhere. Even in IE6!


You can customize IndieSocial any way you want. Any button has a class called indiesocial-* where * is the name of social network.

Free and open source

Source code released under terms of Creative Commons Zero 1.0.

Easy to use

Just load indiesocial.js, place <div id="indiesocial-init"></div> where you want to see buttons and configure it!

Install using Bower bower install indiesocial
or NPM npm install indiesocial


Works with attributes.

data-indieSocialServices contains enabled buttons. Set all for enabling all supported services or enter comma sepated list.

Set data-addFontelloIcon to true if you want use Fontello icons.

Set data-addText to true if you want use text link.

Place URL in data-URL. By default window.location

Set title: data-title. Not work with Google+, use OpenGraph.

Supported services

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • vk
  • odnoklassniki
  • googleplus
  • friendfeed
  • linkedin
  • tumblr
  • hackernews
  • blogger
  • diigo
  • reddit
  • delicious
  • digg
  • stumbleupon
  • pinterest
  • evernote
  • instapaper